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Collector Car News

Car and Driver - Baby Boomers Created Classic Car Market

A demographic shift looms: Some 76 million baby boomers will soon reach retirement age, crushing the health-care system and the social safety net with their massive numbers. But we have a greater concern: Who’s going to buy all their cars?... -  Read More   Feb 2014

Autoblog - $1.3Billion Worth of Classics Auctioned in 2014

The collector auto market in the US just continues to expand with the values of vehicles seemingly only growing in the past years, especially if they have a prancing horse on the hood. This year was no different. According to data compiled by classic car insurance agency Hagerty, there were about $1.3 billion worth of vintage rides auctioned in North America in 2014, up just slightly from $1.2 billion crossing the block in 2013... -  Read More   Dec 2014

Hemmings - Shelby GT350 50th Anniversary at Monterey

By the fall of 1964, the Mustang had proven to be a sales hit for Ford, yet the automaker struggled to fit the car into its “Total Performance” image. For help, Ford turned to Shelby American, hoping the Cobra manufacturer could work its magic on the Mustang. The result was the Shelby G.T. 350 Mustang, which debuted in 1965 and went on to capture (in G.T. 350R form) consecutive SCCA B-Production championships in 1965, 1966 and 1967. Next year marks the G.T. 350′s 50th anniversary, and the 2015 Rolex Monterey Motorsports Reunion will pay tribute to this milestone Mustang with a dedicated race group and special paddock displays... -  Read More   Dec 2014 - Shelby Cobra Replica from a 3D Printer

Phoenix, Arizona-based Local Motors utilized a Big Area Additive Manufactuing (BAMM) machine which was created by Cincinnati Inc. along with the Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL). The printer is able to print incredibly fast and incredibly large. Utilizing a composite material, consisting of ABS plastic and carbon fiber, the machine was able to print out the entire Strati vehicle for Local Motors within 44 hours last year at the International Manufacturing Technology Show in Detroit, Michigan. This week, to mark the 50th Anniversary of the Shelby Cobra, ORNL decided to 3D print a functioning life-sized replica... -  Read More   Jan 2015

Autoweek - $293 Million in Sales, Record Yr for Scottsdale

The final hammer has fallen at the 2015 Scottsdale collector car auctions, and the results are in: With $292.8 million in sales from six different auctions, it’s been another record January in Arizona. That’s a significant increase over 2014’s $248.6 million. But the overall total wasn’t the only thing that was up. Hagerty’s auction-watchers, who follow each and every sale as it happens, report that 2,532 lots were sold of 2,939 lots offered -- an 86-percent sell-through rate, compared to last year’s 82 percent. Average prices were up, too: last year, the average lot price was $107,096. This year, it was $115,729... -  Read More   Jan 2015

Ford - Introduces All-New Ford GT Supercar

All-new Ford GT supercar sets new standards for Ford innovation through performance with advances in light-weighting, aerodynamics and ultra-efficient EcoBoost® engine. Ford GT features the most powerful EcoBoost production engine ever – a new twin-turbocharged Ford EcoBoost V6 producing more than 600 horsepower. Ultra-high-performance supercar is Ford’s most extreme offering, infused with race-proven technology engineered to keep company with exotics when it goes into production in 2016... -  Read More

Couple Missing After Driving To Meet Classic Car Seller

File this one under you can never be to careful.  The car belonging to a Georgia couple who were reported missing after traveling to meet a person claiming to sell a classic auto has been found in a lake and two bodies were found nearby, authorities said Monday.... -  Read More

Family to Auction Car Collection at RM Auctions

Father and son Paul and Chris Andrews have amassed a wonderfully diverse collection of automobiles. The vehicles range from vintage Duesenbergs to old pickup trucks on over to 1980s dream sports cars. All together, the Andrews have over 100 vehicles in their possession and they're all in amazing shape. The time has come, however, for the collection to be culled.  RM Auctions has teamed up with the family to handle the sale of 75 vehicles from the Andrews collection. These vehicles are being offered up with no reserve, yet every single auction item is expected to fetch a handsome sum. Additionally, this auction should prove appealing to a wide range of car enthusiasts as the diversity being presented is intriguing... -  Read More

What the RM/Sotheby's Deal Means to The Classic Car Hobby

Sotheby’s acquisition of a 25 percent stake in RM Auctions is big news for high-end car collectors, but what does it mean to the hobby in general? First of all, this is a deal that has been long in the making. RM and Sotheby’s have partnered in a limited capacity for a number of years. The high point of this evolving partnership until Wednesday was their combined sale in New York City in 2013. I had the pleasure of attending the New York Art of the Automobile sale and was simply blown away by the presentation. The cars were treated as the art objects that they were, and that translated into almost $63 million in sales within two hours. This was an astounding result and something we in the hobby had never seen before....  Read More

Sotheby's To Acquire 25% Ownership of RM Auctions

Sotheby's and RM Auctions are pleased to announce the formation of a new strategic partnership as Sotheby's acquires a 25 percent ownership interest in the world's foremost collector car auctioneer, which will now be known as RM Sotheby's.  This long-term investment comes as the more than $2 billion market for the finest automobiles continues to grow, presenting increasing opportunities for both companies.  Sotheby’s and RM have previously collaborated on a number of successful sales in both the United States and Europe, most notably the November 2013 Art of the Automobile auction in New York, which achieved nearly $63 million in just two hours and saw a new auction record set for a Ferrari 250 LM at $14.3 million....  Read More

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