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CLASSIC CAR INFORMATION GURU  (CCIG) is designed to be the collector car resource center.  A one-stop site to link you to hundreds of vehicle forums, registries, classic car dealers, auction sites, buying/selling tools, as well as articles, videos, and events for the classic car hobby.  


Over the years, we have bought, sold, and collected  many classic and high performance vehicles. In the process, we have found hundreds of valuable websites that now encompass multiple pages within our favorites tab.  However, we had not found a dedicated site that could connect us to all aspects of the classic car hobby.


We hope you enjoy CCIG and find it a valuable resource.  Our goal is to consistently update the information available on the site and to add original content. If you have any thoughts on how we could improve your experience, please send us an email thru the Suggestions menu


Thanks and Happy Collecting! 


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